the dating game questions

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the dating game questions
Can anyone think of any romantic questions to ask a girl?

Hi everybody i am playing some question game with my girlfriend through texting where i ask a question, she asks a question but i need flirty ones like not dating questions like ones like “what movie descrtbes u and me” or “what word would describe me” and sexual too is fine haha but were only 15 so we havent gone anywhere past 2nd base yet so yeah i need some!help!best answers from my girlfriend for the question u give get 10pts!

you could ask her some questions about herself, and get to know her better maybe.
what kind of men perfume can turn you on? most of the girls are sensitive to smells.
which place you have the best memory of you and me?
what kind of kisser am i?
which position you like the most when i hug you?
something like that. you may know more about your gf’s perferences.

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help dating

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help dating
Ramadan: I want to get married, but I am unsure how to meet someone without dating. Help?

Cause dating is haram


If you live with your parents you should ask your father, you could go and see your imam too.
Or sometimes you just meet that special “someone”…

When it is your time to be married Allah will make it possible insha’Allah :)

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dating married

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dating married
What if you are dating a married man and he won’t get his divorce?

I am in a situation I should not be in. I started dating this guy a long time ago. He left his wife and moved in with his mom. We got serious and he later moved in with me. He tells me we are going to get married, but I don’t know for sure if I want to anymore. It’s going on 14 years now and nothing has changed. Should I get out now?

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women dating psychology

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women dating psychology
Dating Patterns Women Talk to Mother of The Guy They’re Seeing, Why? ( Psychology Women’s Thinking Attracion )?

I’ve noticed that when a woman is interesting in a man and seeks to be his exclusive partner, she often tries to interact with the man’s mother as one of the key ways to know the man better. Is there a biological or deeper explanation for this phenomenon? A man does not usually talk to the woman’s father to figure out the woman he is dating, so why does a woman traditionally and have a predisposition to do this action of talking to the man’s mother?

Well, they say that mothers know best. &since your mother raised you pretty much all your life, they know more about you than others. I think it’s just an instinct for a female to want to bond with their male companion’s mother. Women are usually very conscious and by bonding or interacting with the male’s mother, they feel that they’re gaining the mother’s trust and acceptance. When a woman seeks a man as their exclussive partner, the last thing they want is for the man’s mother to not like her.

I think that in a lot of cases, the men don’t bond with the womans father is because fathers are very protective over their daughters, whether they trust you or not.
Girls are the type of people who want to know about their man from other people to see other’s views and not just their own..

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women dating

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women dating
How do you feel about white men and black women dating ?

I have a fond preference in black women, most black women at my university are either dating a white man or open to dating a white man. Do you support it or not?
I would love to date a black woman.

Im white and the only black women i dated was my wife.. i initially was not attracted to her in the sense that she was the complete opposite to what i am use to.. having grew up in the suburbs in a mainly white community being with a black women was considered unheard of and no one accepted it.. It was seen as more acceptable to bring home an asian women then a black women. I was lucky though that i had supportive parents who did not care who i dated as long that i was happy, even if i didn’t though i would have still stuck things through with my wife. She is one of a kind and i tell anyone who is interested in dating a black women to do it, if you haven’t already.

I see a heck of alot more black women with white men then any other race, its more common in this generation then when i was growing up so im sure you would get alot less slack then i did from the general public.

This is definitely not the best forum to post this question in.. perhaps try joining a facebook group geared towards black women who like white men.. i joined a group a while ago with my wife it was nice to see others in the same relationship as we were in and its nice to talk to others about similar issues we face.

and of course i support the relationship if i didn’t i would be a hypocrite.. my wife is black.

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dating relationships

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dating relationships

I’ve been dating this one guy, but he never officially asked me out to begin with…i didn’t even know we were dating, but he told one of his friends that.
Does this mean we are dating and are a couple?

I’d ask him too.

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dating help

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dating help
Would you help pay off debt for someone you were dating as a result of a divorce?

If you were dating someone and could see a future with them, would you help them pay off debt and buy a house in your name due to their bad credit as a result of a divorce?

Not while we’re just dating.

My husband had a fair amount of debt when we got married. I married him knowing that he was in debt (due to his divorce) and that it would affect my bottom line. But I wasn’t going to let a bit of legitimate debt prevent me from spending my life with him – and the day we married anything going on in his life became my life too.

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dating women

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dating women

dating viking women

statistics dating

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statistics dating
What are the Biracial dating and Marriage-statistics?

What are the percentage of biracial men marrying white or black women
What are the percentage of biracial women marrying white of black men

Please dont guess, Can you please give me a link or be serious with your answer

i guess biracial men marry who ever they want same goes with biracial women as well.

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dating how to keep a man interested

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dating how to keep a man interested
Dating tips, and how to keep a man interested!?

I have really bad luck dating, I only ever meet men who just want sex and it has become rather dull. I have met a couple of nice guys and would like something to develop with one of them, how do I keep them interested?

I am not a teenager (30) I am just really disillushioned with the dating game.

Playing those games like the first person suggests is a great way to get a guy interested, the problem is, if you find someone like me, I’ll be interested, but I get fed up with all those games extremely quickly…

first, just don’t have sex to begin with. if you have sex befor you know you like the real person underneath, then the whole relationship will be about sex.

Next, just get to know a guy… Sex will come later…

oh, and have fun, and be yourself.

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