Cupid’s Dating Advice All About Dating & Online Dating Wed, 04 Aug 2010 19:26:31 +0000 en dating profile ideas What kind of stuff do women want to see in a profile on a dating site? I have a profile on a free dating site, yet i get no responses when i send messages, and I think its my profile.. any ideas?? ive tried putting up better pics,ive changed my profile to … /2010/08/04/dating-profile-ideas/ dating girls with daddy issues I’m dating a girl with daddy issues? Literally. She had a bad relationship with her dad and blames that on her acting the way she does sometimes. I mean, how can you be in a relationship without the slightest arguement? Its impossible! Even in the smallest confrontation she seems to want … /2010/08/04/dating-girls-with-daddy-issues/ dating coach nyc Former Car Racer Jae’s Testimonial for New York Life Coaching [affmage source=”cj” results=”10″]dating coach nyc[/affmage] [affmage source=”clickbank” results=”5″]dating coach nyc[/affmage] /2010/08/04/dating-coach-nyc/ online dating kids Is there any online dating sites for kids between 10-14? Cos im so lonely and they have to have a phone and unlimited txt cos my parents cant know Probably not because that’s REALLY young. 10-14 year olds shouldn’t be looking for love online. Sorry. Maybe you’ll find someone to chat with … /2010/08/04/online-dating-kids/ the dating game questions Can anyone think of any romantic questions to ask a girl? Hi everybody i am playing some question game with my girlfriend through texting where i ask a question, she asks a question but i need flirty ones like not dating questions like ones like “what movie descrtbes u and me” … /2010/08/03/the-dating-game-questions/ healthy relationship dating How much contact is normal in a healthy dating relationship? I am in my mid-20s and am trying to figure out how to be in a healthy relationship. I have had serious relationships where I was living with and seeing my SO every day. But several of these situations were emotionally … /2010/08/03/healthy-relationship-dating/ anime dating sims for girls [mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]anime dating sims for girls[/mage] any games that are like those dating sims but for girls? preferably really good anime style? Frenzoo is an online avatar community involved in 3D chat and 3D items design for people above the age of 13. You can make you own avatar, create your … /2010/08/03/anime-dating-sims-for-girls/ australia dating network I need to know which service provider in Australia provides the minimum call rates within Australian Network .? Having longer credit expiration date & plans for minimum amount. Not clear if you plan on visiting here or if you live here. If you are going to visit here it would depend … /2010/08/03/australia-dating-network/ city dating Best Free New York City Dating Website? I am interested in joining a dating website and live in the new york city area. I was wondering which is the best one to join for my situation? Check out it just launched. It’s got instant messaging and other cool stuff it looks … /2010/08/03/city-dating/ dating college girls What do girls think of the first guy ever to ask them out on a real date? (college girls please)? What do college girls think of the first guy ever to ask them out on a real date? Is he more of a bigger deal for you or just “another guy”? … /2010/08/02/dating-college-girls/