dating girls with daddy issues

August 4, 2010 by admin  
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dating girls with daddy issues
I’m dating a girl with daddy issues?

Literally. She had a bad relationship with her dad and blames that on her acting the way she does sometimes. I mean, how can you be in a relationship without the slightest arguement? Its impossible! Even in the smallest confrontation she seems to want to break up or take it to heart or something weird. man this shit sucks

haha my sister is the same way only it doesnt only extend to her relationships its goes with her everywhere.. she constantly blames our dad for “not caring” and shit like that and yea i can kinda see that but hell the guy didnt even want to see me until a few years ago and i live in the same town and shes pissed cause he did the same thing with her only she was in a different state…any ways he point im gettin at is that girls like that realize that they have an “excuse” for their actions and they use it everychance they get so its all bs and she just wants to be able to put her mistakes on someone else and wants you to feel bad for her…. best you can do is call her out on it and tell her to either start taking responsibility for her actions or you need to get rid of her

John on Dating Girls With “Daddy Issues”

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