famous quotes dating

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famous quotes dating
citing famous quotes in essays?

hi all,
i need to quote albert einstein in one of my research papers. thing is, i found his quote in a website. i’m ok with the in-text citation… i just have a problem with my references list/bibliography. what is the format (APA style) of quoting his quote from the website?!

do i use this:
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved month day, year (only if the text may potentially change over time), from http://Web address

if so, who’s the author?

If the website does not state what source they got Einstein’s quote from, then there is only one source involved: the website, so you only need to list the details of the website in the List of References, and nothing about the quote itself (the in text citation would lead the reader to the section of the web page that Einstein’s quote appears on).

The author in your example above would be the author of the web page you got the quote off. That is often difficult to find for websites. If you don’t have an author, make the title of the web page the main entry and move the date after it, as shown at the URL below.

If the web site is quoting from another source, have an entry in the bibliography at the end for the web site as stated above (not the one that it is quoting). Then in text you would write something like the following :

For APA format –

In text order looks like this :
….. as Einstein said, “….[what he said]…” (as cited in Great Quotations Web Site, 2006, para. 5)…..

or similar.

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best dating profile lines

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best dating profile lines
On line dating profile, men, how honest are you? Ladies, does the profile really fit the man?

I am just wondering, how honest are men in regards to their profile. If you are to bend the truth, what usually are they, i.e. marital status, job, age, etc. Ladies, after meeting your date a few times, is he a carbon copy of written profile? What info do men usually lie about?

ive never done online dating before and i dont think i ever would try it. seems a bit risky, but i know people who have met up with people they have met online. the main thing my friends have complained about is guys lying about their ages, saying they are 16 when in fact they are 19 its not that big a deal i guess but it can be frustrating when people feel they have to lie about themselves to get girls.

sometimes they also seem to lie about their looks, not a good idea at all! saying they are blonde 5′8 tanned, fake pics, bla bla, all it shows is general insecurity and that is defintely not a turn on! guys/girls: if ur going to make a profile about urself be honest because at the end of the day things come out and then u’ll regret ever lying. its just not worth the trouble!

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quotes about dating married men

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quotes about dating married men
Reasons not to date a married man?

I have an acquaintance who is dating a married man off and on and I am so concerned about it. She has young children who are great kids. The guy is white trash and has no values, and she’s lonely and desperate. He’s taking advantage of her. She used to be a devote Christian, but has since stopped going to church and is just making really bad choices. Her kids are suffering from her bad choices. One has recently started having potty accidents, and has been potty trained for over 3 years. The oldest one is acting out and starting to use pushing and shoving others as an outlet for her frustration. They are old enough to understand that the guy is married and that what she’s doing is wrong. Any ideas on how to get through to her that what she is doing is hurting herself and her kids? I’d appreciate some good bible quotes on the subject, as well as some non-religious opinions, anything that might help get through to her would be helpful.

.”What God has joined together,let no man (or woman) put asunder.
A woman should know a married guy sees available women,as freebies.He’ll never respect her.He might be upsetting her kids.She’ll never upset his.He’ll make sure she never lays eyes on his beautiful children

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dating a married man advice

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dating a married man advice
need advice on dating a married man?

my boyfriend is married, i know its wrong, but we really care about each other, but he doesnt want to leave his wife because he fears that she will never let him see his children again…anyone have any positive advice, i already know what i am doing is stupid, and wrong.

Did I miss the line in the questions that said “Morality Police, please submit your offenses”? You people who come on here and preach when she asking for advice need to stop judging.

Sweetie – if he has told you he will not leave his wife, regardless of the reason, and you are okay with that, then so be it. Unfortunately, over time you will feel worse about yourself because you cannot have him whenever you want. At that point, you have to decide if your happiness is more important than what you are being delivered. Best of luck ~

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video dating funny

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video dating funny
Funny dating Video where girls keeps quiet?

This was on you tube and i believe it began with M.

There are 3 different things you can do to try and find a
video that you have previously seen. Not only that, you
can make your results appear either: 1) in alphabetical
order, 2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnail

There are 3 different things you can do to try and find a
video which you’ve already seen. Not just that, you can
make the results appear either: 1) in alphabetical order,
2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnails form:

ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):
highlight the URL address bar on top, then simply type
in the word “youtube”. From those results, you will see:
– every YouTube address you typed
– every YouTube channel you visited
– every YouTube video you watched
although in ugly YouTube code, like ?v=Ab1Cd2eF3Gh.

CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):
simply click on your internet browser’s “History” button
or tap “CTRL” and the letter “H” on your keyboard, and
you will get a daily list of every website which you have
visited. Every YouTube video will be mixed in with all of
the different websites, but it’ll actually be easier for you
to find what you’re looking for — because everything will
be displayed in “plain” English. And because each and
every YouTube video is in fact its own website, you will
also be able to see the full title of each video.

PHOTO THUMBNAIL (few results):
at the top right of just about every YouTube page is the
name “QuickList”. Click on that, and then after you are
on the new page, click on “History” immediately below
the highlighted grey bar. You will see thumbnails of the
most recent videos you have viewed, but only the most
recent. That is because every time that you open / exit
YouTube, everything vanishes, and starts all over again.

Believe it or not, you can see your YouTube “QuickList”
and “viewing history” from right here within Yahoo. Just
click on my links below, and they’ll take you directly to
“YOUR VERY OWN” histories. (YouTube may first ask
you to ’sign in’ with your username and your password):


I hope that my multiple answer is a little helpful for you.

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oregon dating sites

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oregon dating sites
Has anyone on the dating sites been contacted by an Eric Lucas?

I was on a site,doulike.com for a few months and this guy started writing me.Seemed really nice till he started asking for money,and no I didn’t send hime any.I called him once and got an automated message from his cell,turned out he was actually based in Nigeria instead of Oregon! So I stopped writing him and I was just curious if the same guy contacted anyone else out there.Thanks and Happy New Year!

nope, but different girls….get different names.
good for you for asking.He is a crime scene waiting to happen.

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dating website software

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dating website software
I made a dating website software with features like match i’d like to sell it for $500, where can i post it?

I made a dating website software with all features same as match, sample can be seen at http://www.changemeeting.com or www.extremespoiling.com price is just $500. it has mail, chat, admin, search capabilities, join, login, forgot pass, menu, etc. Where is the best place to sell this software? what do you recommend?
please send answers and/or recommendations to miamisoft at gmail.com

Thanks :)

an option that you might want to consider, is a web site named lulu.com. they specialize in digital printing, and cd duplicating. They do it on a one at a time basis. you set the price, they take a percentage and you get the balance. you can keep your files there as long as you want. you set up a website about your software and then link to their site for people to purchase. that way you have no inventory or mailing expenses to deal with, they take car of that for you. for the person looking to sell a few copies or to start small its a good way to go.

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the first phone call dating

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the first phone call dating
new to dating…post first date phone call?

I have had many boyfriends but all started in highschool where dating is different. i am in university now and i had a first date with a guy on saturday the 9th. the date went well and he even extended it by asking me back for a movie. we kissed multiple times and i felt it ended on a good note. how long does it normally take for the guy to call to make the second date? i know we both had papers to write yesterday so it was no surprise to me that there was no phone call then. I am just wondering how long i should wait before i can consider it a failed attempt.


Isn’t there like a 2-3 day rule thing for guys? That way he doesn’t sound desperate. I think that you should wait the 2-3 days. If he doesn’t call by friday (an extra two days just in case something came up for him), then you should be concerned.

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dating workplace

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dating workplace


dating websites for married people

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dating websites for married people
Why are married people on dating websites?

Why are some married people on dating websites?

Some of them are hardcore christians that are really religious but yet have no problem seeking an affair on a CHRISTIAN dating website.


Christian or not, married people on dating sites are there for one thing only….to cheat….and it is NOT right! Any married person who goes on a dating site is clearly not happy in their marriage and are looking for an affair. I think cheating is a BIG NO NO! and I would consider it cheating if I ever found out my spouse was on one of those sites. The fact that there are those christian “hypocrites” doing it too just means they are even lower than lower. Not only low enough to disrespect their marriage, but also low enough to completely disrespect their religion as well. Its a sad sad world out there!

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